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The marriage ceremony is the centre of your wedding and the most important part of your wedding day because:

It is when your promises are made
It is when the legal contract is completed
It is when you stand before your family and friends to declare your love and your commitment to each other

A wedding ceremony can be very formal or very relaxed, but its most important attribute is that it should reflect the personality of the couple being married.

A well designed wedding ceremony has a clear structure. It flows smoothly, maintains everyone's is interest and remains very personal and intimate throughout.

The music and readings should complement the promises and the setting, and the leadership provided by the celebrant must be warm and inclusive. Symbolic inclusions, perhaps reflecting the cultural heritage of the families, can enhance the ceremony. I have many ideas that I can outline to you as we plan the ceremony together.

Your wedding ceremony will set the mood for the entire day and should be approached with care and thought. That’s where I can help. I will supply you with everything you need, so that you can relax and enjoy this very important endeavour. Everyone present should feel part of a very unique and memorable event.


The Baby Naming Ceremony conducted by a civil celebrant is a fulfilling and significant experience for all concerned. It is an occasion when a new birth is celebrated and a child welcomed into the world. Family relationships are deepened and the parents become more fully aware of their responsibilities. So, of course, do the godparents (also called 'mentors' or' guardians') and grandparents.

The Naming Ceremony also has a community dimension represented by the wider circle of family and friends. It is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance. Some religious people choose the non-religious naming service to celebrate the birth of their child. Some Christians, for example, do not believe in infant baptism and so choose this cultural celebration; they leave the child free to choose or not to choose baptism in the late teens. In fact Naming Ceremonies are performed on this principle.

In my Baby Naming Ceremonies, I conduct a ceremony that is a very personal one.  The ceremony revolves totally around your child. There are special poems, music, candles and the whole family is involved.

The parents may choose to acknowledge the role of others in the life of their child - grandparents, older siblings, other relatives, or friends. Perhaps one of those people will be asked to present a reading to the guests. A Naming Ceremony is very much a time at which the involvement of different people in the life of the child is recognised.

I will provide a lovely Naming Certificate for the baby or child and can provide Certificates of Appreciation for siblings, grandparents and godparents.

The Naming may be accompanied by different rituals, such as the lighting of candles, anointing with oils or sprinkling with water or rose petals. Naming ceremonies may also involve activities such as planting of trees, sealing a time capsule, contributing to a memento box or releasing balloons.


I believe that a Commitment Ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a legal Wedding Ceremony. For those couples who do not want, or cannot have a legal ceremony, but would like to make an everlasting declaration of love for each other in the presence of family and friends, a Commitment Ceremony is perfect. Some couples, who have decided to get married overseas, like to celebrate their Commitment in front of all those people who were unable to join them for the wedding itself.

I also believe everybody deserves to celebrate their love regardless of their gender. I have a beautiful selection of commitment vows, ring ceremonies and rituals such as Sand Sifting, Candle Lighting, Ring Warming, Wine Ceremony, Rose Ceremony and Dove or Butterfly Release ceremonies to make your day a memorable one.

The Commitment Ceremony has no legal requirements or consequences. It is a ceremony in which partners express their feelings for each other, their hopes for the future, their gratitude for the past they may already have shared. They may like to involve family and friends in the ceremony itself or invite them as guests.

I can share all these ideas with you at a meeting or I can email them to you if that’s more convenient. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a lovely Certificate of Commitment is presented to the couple and I can provide Certificates of Appreciation for those involved in the ceremony. I will also provide a presentation copy of your Commitment Ceremony as a memento of this important day.


Renewal of Wedding Vows is a celebration of a happy marriage. On the one hand, Vow Renewal allows the married couple to take a closer look at their marriage and the many things they have reason to be grateful for. On the other hand, a Renewal of Vows is an inspiration to all the relatives and friends who've watched the marriage flower and grow. 

On the Wedding Day, you promised to love and cherish each other through the good and the bad. On the day you renew your Wedding Vows, you reconfirm the love and faith in each other which brought you together in the first place. In my experience this can be a very emotional and meaningful ceremony, more so, perhaps, than the original ceremony.

All the elements of the traditional marriage ceremony are suitable for a Renewal of Vows with the exception of the legal components. It must be made clear that this ceremony is a renewal, not a marriage. I have some lovely vows, ring ceremonies and rituals that can be incorporated into the ceremony, such as a Candle Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Ring Warming or a Butterfly Release, they are all spectacular and can include family and friends, which can make it even more meaningful.

Where you have children, the Renewal of Vows Ceremony allows them to show their appreciation and joy at being part of such a happy family. I encourage the participation of children in this ceremony.

When you are ready to compile your Renewal of Vows Ceremony, I will provide you with samples which you can either use as they are, or as an inspiration to compile a ceremony of your own.
To commemorate the event, I will provide the you with a personalised Vows Renewal certificate, a presentation copy of your ceremony and a complimentary Unity Candle to re-light each year on your anniversary.

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